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Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty cool, but hanks level doesn't end

Iwas workin on hank's last level for 20 min. straight and it didn't end.other wise pretty cool.

some suggestions

-new, maybe unlockable chars:
dirge (with or w/out new arm)
sbc (weapon could be a "B")
snake from metal gear awesome
Bitey (I'm not alone on this one. He could be superfast or something.)
Weebl and bob
the stick guys from Xiao Xiao
Cassandra (pico's school)
Homer42 (could use his ZZZZZZZZZ attack on people)

(just some random ideas)
-more levels
-maybe better voice acting
- a mission mode could be pretty cool
-More reasons to earn money (ie. "Wow, I got 2 characters and a level. Hooray.)

Other than that,the game was pretty good. It had a bit of an SSBM, yet homemade feel, and was really fun to play. I'm looking forward to any new updates, and i'm sure everyone else is too.

Keep up the good work!

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